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Backtagging: Sure!
Threadhopping: Sure!
Fourthwalling: Only in certain cases. When in doubt, ask.
Offensive subjects: No shipping with underage characters or incest. Otherwise, if anything wigs me out, I'll let you know.


Hugging this character: Yes, but he won't be happy about it beyond a tiny list of people.
Kissing this character: Proceed with extreme caution.
Flirting with this character: A-okay. Might be hard to get him to flirt back, but no harm in trying.
Fighting with this character: ABSOLUTELY.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Ask for anything particularly severe, but minor injuries are great.
Killing this character: Ask first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Hell yes. His best friend/boyfriend (I ship Liquid/Mantis but I'd never force it on anyone) was a psychic, so he's used to it.

Warnings: Liquid is an angry, angry man.

A kinklist is here in case things get to that point.
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Have a wiki while I work on some specifics.



Once upon a time, Liquid Snake was sure he was invincible. This turned out to be false, and upon his death he was essentially butchered for his body parts. Or one body part, anyway. However, his spirit rather tenaciously clung to that arm, causing trouble for Mr. Ocelot with his attempts at possession. Or, at least, he'd tried to. 
Turns out Revolver Ocelot had been working on, well, that exact sort of thing. Liquid's attempts at possession didn't exactly go so well when the man was acting like it was happening without him anyway. When Ocelot no longer needed that particular arm, or that particular spirit, thanks to his a-plus double-crossing skills, Liquid found himself ejected from the man's body while it still acted like he was there. Unwilling to just hang around and watch, he headed off for many years, doing normal ghostly things such as getting into concerts for free and watching naked people. 
But somewhere, somehow, there was a nefarious lab, with nefarious scientists, doing nefarious things. And in this nefarious lab was a secret project: another set of clones, among them an exact copy of Liquid Snake himself, fully grown and ready to... well, that's classified. But word got out to the shirtless ghost, and he had to see what was going on for himself. There were still quite a few kinks to be worked out, of course. The body couldn't really do much on its own, its brain not really possessing much of... whatever it was that it needed. And that's where Liquid came in. 
Opportunity knocked, and Liquid was home. 
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  • has a husky named mantis
  • his right arm from the elbow down is made of glass
  • has the power to turn into smoke; he's working on learning to control it better

art by
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*** whitemamba has joined
<whitemamba>You've reached Liquid Snake. Leave a message. Or don't; I don't particularly care.
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... )

1st changegills appear. grows webbing between fingers and toes. skin on arms and legs flakes off and scales replace it throughout the month. teeth fall out periodically and sharp ones grow in. gains a desire to be in the water. the urge to drown people slowly sets in towards the middle of the month. | 04/30/16

2nd changefins grow out of his arms and legs (but can still be covered by his clothes). arms and legs are covered in scales now. his tail appears when he's in the water now. claws have been growing but he hasn't figured out how to retract them yet. all of his teeth are sharp now; his lower jaw starts jutting out like an anglerfish. | ??/??/16

3rd change??? | ??/??/16


coins current: 177 | spent: 60

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Name: Kaz
Contact: PM or [ profile] agentkaz
Other Characters: none

Character Name: Liquid Snake
Age: 38
Canon: Metal Gear
Canon Point: Post MGS2, after his arm (and spirit) are cut off of Ocelot
Character Information: MGS wiki

Personality: Liquid Snake has always been angry about his situation in life. As a child, young Eli knew all about his father (Big Boss, the so-called greatest soldier of the 20th century) and the reason he existed: as his clone. As far as he knew (and still knows), he was meant to be the "flaw," created only so his twin brother David (Solid Snake) could get all the "dominant genes" while he got the "recessive" ones. This "knowledge", along with the way he was treated, caused him to escape from his handlers as a child and try to make his own name for himself. He took on the name Nyoka ya Mpembe, the White Mamba, but when Venom Snake captured him he was forced to go by Eli. He can't stand his real name and prefers to go by Liquid, or any sort of alias if he has to, but never Eli.

He only grew more bitter as time went on and he learned more about his circumstances, essentially planning to go beyond his genetic destiny by surpassing his father. Since he was unable to kill his father himself, his chance "stolen" by his brother, all he can do is take what his father created and destroy it in favor of himself. He's still determined to destroy his father's legacy in favor of his own, although being removed from Ocelot's body isn't exactly helping matters any.

Upon gaining command of FOXHOUND, his father's old special forces unit, he made some modifications to fit the way he wanted to run things, focusing it on a small group of specialists. Whether the team believed in what he believed in or not, they still followed him. Under his leadership the unit accomplished a lot, working together seamlessly, which all came into Liquid's plan to surpass his father. Even so, the anti-terrorism unit suddenly became known as terrorists once they took over Shadow Moses. In Liquid's mind, though, it was a revolution, the next step in accomplishing what he wanted to do: surpass his father.

As a child, his hatred and anger were so extreme that the powerful psychic child Tretij Rebenok (Psycho Mantis) was drawn to him over everyone else in the vicinity, including the man he was working for to begin with, helping him lash out against the man he thought was his father. This created a psychic link between the two of them, and eventually this even led to Mantis saving his life, multiple times. Due to this Mantis became the person he trusted the most overall. Beyond Mantis, he has trouble trusting anyone at all, even the people he works with. Being captured in the Middle East during the Gulf War due to being sold out did nothing to help with his trust issues. It is possible to gain his trust, but it requires some serious effort.

Despite his inferiority complex, or more likely because of it, he can be extremely arrogant and egotistical. He often tends to focus on how things would affect himself rather than others, even under the guise of it being for others. He claims surpassing his father's legacy will help soldiers such as himself and his brother, but it was generally himself that he's thinking of.

"Dramatic" could very well be his middle name. He often gestures wildly as he talks, and tends to enjoy the use of metaphors and other wordplay in order to make his point. Sometimes he'll just talk to hear himself talk. He can often be overemotional, especially when it comes to anger.

A charismatic leader, he can be very manipulative, but is also easily manipulated himself. He can often figure out just what to say to get under people's skin, or at least try to; he has a lot to say to his brother to try and convince him of how he is worse than Liquid is. It's not difficult to sway Liquid's way of thinking, either. The Shadow Moses revolution mainly happened because his teammate Ocelot (a master manipulator himself) managed to convince him it was a good idea, and even back in the Middle East he'd been easily brainwashed by his captors. Appeal to his emotions enough, and he might just find a new way of thinking about something.

He is incredibly persistent, no matter what happens. A catchphrase of his is "It's not over yet," and he seems to live by that. Once he has a goal, he'll try to reach it by any means necessary, no matter what he has to do to achieve it. The only thing that took him down completely was a virus written to give him a heart attack. Even after he died, he refused to give up, his spirit taking the opportunity to possess his former teammate Ocelot after the man took his arm. The only thing that got rid of him was Ocelot cutting the arm off himself.

But clearly, it's not over yet.

5-10 Key Character Traits:

Would you prefer a monster that FITS your character’s personality, CONFLICTS with it, EITHER, or opt for 100% RANDOMIZATION? either
Opt-Outs: gargoyle, harpy, werebear, troll, minotaur

Roleplay Sample:
a thread for another game, with the beginning post here and the rest of the thread starting here
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Liquid Snake here. Leave a message and I'll get back to you, probably. 
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